The Warning Signs of a Lackluster Lash Artist

Did you know that the lash industry is basically unregulated in Wisconsin?

That means anyone can take an online course or watch a YouTube video, print out a certificate and open up shop tomorrow. SCARY.

So if you don’t want to end up with lash extensions like these, you have to get yourself a lash artist that cares about the health of your natural lashes first and foremost.

I could rant on this topic for hours, but instead I want to break down the issues I see in these pictures and address how you, as the consumer, can prevent yourself from ending up in their position.

  • The lash extensions are way too long for the natural lash to support.

    You may be fine for one or two appointments, but continued stress on the natural lash will result in premature lash loss and can even redirect the growth pattern of your lashes – meaning your lashes can start to grow downward. No bueno.

    Are your lash extensions 2 or 3 times longer than your natural lash? That’s a recipe for disaster and any reputable lash artist would not apply extensions that your natural lashes are unable to support long term. Period.
  • There are multiple lash extensions both glued to each other and several natural lashes.

    Clumps. Eww. This almost always results in your natural lashes being pulled out before they’re ready to shed. And guess what? They might not grow back. Check out the gaps in the lash line and all the tiny little baby lashes starting to grow back in the first two pics. Not normal.

    So if your extensions ever twist, hurt or irritate you, you probably have an issue. If you see multiple natural lashes attached to one or more extensions that have shed, you probably have an issue. If you can’t brush through them with ease (no snagging or pulling), it’s time to find a new lash artist sis.

  • Poor quality extensions that are bulky and lose their curl over time.

    Do your lash extensions feel heavy? Are they basically straight by the time you go in for your fill? Lash artists that take pride in their work use quality products that they know will perform. Lash extensions are a luxury service and a good lash artist values your investment.

  • Mascara/makeup buildup on the lashes.

    You shouldn’t feel the need to put mascara on a good set of lash extensions. One of the best things about lashes is that they do the work for you! Mascara is a no no because it’s really difficult to completely remove from your extensions. The issue here, however, is not necessarily that the client put mascara on their extensions, but that they didn’t know NOT to. Makeup acts as a barrier between your natural lash and the adhesive we use to apply the extension, so showing up to your appointments with makeup free eyes is a must for an efficient service and results that last.

    Your lash artist should be explaining the pitfalls of wearing mascara and/or eyeliner to you. They should be teaching you how to take care of your investment – cleansing, brushing, maintenance, etc. And you should be listening 😉

Work like this gives eyelash extensions a bad rap. I promise, there’s a right way to do this and there are plenty of AMAZING lash artists out there. You just have to do your research, ask lots of questions, and don’t bargain shop.

Hopefully if you know what to look for – the warning signs of a lackluster lash artist – we can raise the standards of the lash extension industry together.